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uTypia Addon Affiliate Modul

<span style="color:#FF0000;"><strong>uTypia Addon Affiliate Modul</strong></span>

uTypia Addon Affiliate Modul

Price:   € 490.00

SKU(s): AffiliateMarketing


Promote your uTypia online shop with the help of Affiliate Marketing! When doing Affiliate Marketing, a partner website (affiliate) with many visitors advertises for you, in order to bring users to your online shop or website. These advertisements can be in the form of banners, text ads or image buttons. Affiliate Marketing is an alternative to advertisements in search engines. uTypia now offers a module that supports you in doing Affiliate Marketing.

Price: EUR 490 (Setup once)

Prices in EUR. Other Currencies on request: utypia@trodat.net !


Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

• Extra channel to increase shop sales
• Usually cheaper than Google Adwords
• Good way to reach target group
• Compensation to Affiliate based on sales – low risk for shopowner

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