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uTypia Addon Order Approval (OPD)

<span style="color:#FF0000;"><strong>uTypia Addon Order Approval (OPD)</strong></span>

uTypia Addon Order Approval (OPD)

Price:   € 330.00

SKU(s): OrderApprovalOPD


The uTypia Order Approval Module allows orders entered on an uTypia web shop of an Office Products Dealer (OPD) to be checked and approved before sending them to production. The Approver (for example Customer-Service for stamps at an OPD) verifies all orders from the uTypia web shop of the OPD and approves them. At that stage a Sales Order Number or Purchase Order number for the Rubber stamp manufacturer (RSM) can be added to the order. It is possible to have one approver for all shop-orders or approvers per user-groups (for Example a big end-customer). That means you can define different approvers for different end-customers or just check/approve orders of specific end-customers .

Price: EUR 330 (Setup once)
monthly fee: EUR 10

Prices in EUR. Other Currencies on request: utypia@trodat.net !


Advantages and disadvantages of Order Approval (Office Products Dealer)

+ Payment risk evaluation before production possible
+ Add Sales Order Number or Purchase order number for RMS to the order
+ all Data necessary for invoicing between OPD and RSM can be added.
- Delays in production and shipment due to wait-time for approval
- Blocked orders due to missing approval

Optional: (requires in addition Module 002-007 uTypia order integration)
+ Electronic Order-Approval Process
+ Order is sent electronically to the ERP System of the OPD
+ no manual order entry necessary

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