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uTypia Addon Registration Code

<span style="color:#FF0000;"><strong>uTypia Addon Registration Code</strong></span>

uTypia Addon Registration Code

Price:   € 440.00

SKU(s): RegistrationCode


With the "Registration Code" a specific group of users (for example employees of a company‘s subsidiary or chain store) are allowed to buy at certain predefined conditions. Using the registration code, which is the same for the whole group, the users can register themselves, and select an individual username and password. The "Registration code" assigns the correct prices, discounts, Layout-Templates, Logos, Shipping- and Payment-Options and Product-Ranges to the enduser. These special settings are not available or visible to a "normal" enduser without the registration code. The next time they come to the shop, they log in with their personal information and will see only their conditions.

Price: EUR 440 (Setup once/Customer not per Shop)
monthly fee: EUR 25/Customer not per Shop

Prices in EUR. Other Currencies on request: utypia@trodat.net !


Advantages and disadvantages of Registration Code

• All the order dates are saved to the single users‘ name
• No user sees the orders of the other users
• Same buying conditions for all users
• No need to preregister every single user
• One registration code for the whole company
• Access to company specific templates

Disadvantages compared to an e-procurement Integration:
• no electronic Data-Exchange
• Order Approval only in combination with addon Module "Order Approval"
• User need to register and login – no Single sign on

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