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uTypia Business 6 Portal

<span style="color:#FF0000;"><strong>uTypia Business 6 Portal</strong></span>

uTypia Business 6 Portal

Price:   € 60.00

SKU(s): uCPortal


Trodat gives the licensee a uTypia Consumer Portal. This contains one single main catalogue with prices that are defined by the licensee. From this main catalogue, there are setup the Subshops for the resellers; the min. amount of resellers per portal has to be 5. The Portal subshops are configured by Trodat, so that the customer can easily order stamps incl. textplates and these data are forwarded via web to the licensee.

monthly fee: EUR 60/Portal Subshop (min. 5 members) + monthly uTypia Support fee starting from EUR 75 (covers yearly Shop sales up to EUR 30.000)

Prices in EUR. Other Currencies on request: utypia@trodat.net !


Features of uTypia Consumer Portal

• Access by username and password or anonymous login
• Choose a Layout for the Portal
• Express Order Process: „4 steps to your product“- module
• Creation of layouts by setting fonts, font size and alignment
• Inserting of graphics, logos, frames
• Automatic Layout preview and proofreading - “What you see is what you get!”
• Multi Color Functionality for rubber stamps
• 5 fonts subject to licences included, 30 uTypia fonts included
• Shopping cart functionality, Order history
• Topbanner and graphics on first page can be selected freely
• Order data as well as the layout will be sent to the corresponding addresses via e-mail
• The customer receives an order confirmation via e-mail

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