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uTypia Service User-Import (XML,XLS Template)

<span style="color:#FF0000;"><strong>uTypia Service User-Import (XML,XLS Template)</strong></span>

uTypia Service User-Import (XML,XLS Template)

Price:   € 175.00

SKU(s): UserImport


This uTypia service can be used if the Shop owner or an OPD/Reseller wants to create a lot of users in an uTypia shop e.g. bring over existing users from a previous web-shop solution or import users/customers from an ERP/Invoicing tool or create from an user-list uTypia provides 2 standard formats for User-data import (one with a standard address per user , one with multiple differing billing and shipping addresses). We will send you example files with the data-fields defined. Please prepare your user-date according to these examples and inform us about any special settings needed. uTypia support will import the users according to your data. We can also create random passwords for the users if needed.

Price: EUR 175 (once)

Prices in EUR. Other Currencies on request: utypia@trodat.net !

available for the following uTypia products:
- uTypia Business next – Standard and Professional
- uTypia consumer- Basic, Standard and Professional
- uTypia Portal– stand alone
- uTypia company shop

not available for the following uTypia products:
- uTypia Portal–integrated
- uTypia voucher
- uTypia page

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