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uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer

<span style="color:#FF0000;"><strong>uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer</strong></span>

uTypia Stamp and Engraving Designer

Price:   € 599.00
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SKU(s): StampAndEngravingDesigner


With the uTypia Stamp And Engraving Designer we enable you to integrate the uTypia Custom Wizard into a Magento/Shopware/Prestashop shop system. The existing functionalities from Magento/Shopware/Prestashop can be optimally combined with the individualization possibilities for stamps, signs, marketing materials, gifts and many other products from uTypia.

Price: EUR 599 (Setup once)

Prices in EUR.In the background a Magento/Shopware/Prestashop shop as well as an uTypia shop are needed.

Features of "uTypia Stamp And Engraving Designer"

- Seamless integration of necessary uTypia pages in a Magento/Shopware/Prestashop shop
- uTypia provides customization - templates, graphics library, custom wizard layout creation with online preview, proof reading
- Fonts, borders and ruled lines as well as the use of logos and graphics
- Many correctly licensed fonts available
- Multilingual, responsive design
- Trodat standard product catalog included and ready to use for import into Magento/Shopware/Prestashop (unique and periodically updated)
- Possibility to create additional products in uTypia and import in Magento/Shopware/Prestashop
- User and group administration only necessary in Magento/Shopware/Prestashop
- Layout preview in the Magento/Shopware/Prestashop cart
- The extension is based on the Magento/Shopware/Prestashop standard template and useable for all other templates with maybe minor adaptions needed
- Notification / download possibility of the production files directly from the Magento/Shopware/Prestashop admin area

More details on our website!

Online Demo Shop: http://magentodesigner.utypia.com