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uTypia shop-in-shop Integration Add-On

<span style="color:#FF0000;"><strong>uTypia shop-in-shop Integration Add-On</strong></span>

uTypia shop-in-shop Integration Add-On

Price:   € 550.00

SKU(s): ShopinShopIntAddOn


Price: EUR 550 (Setup once)
monthly fee: EUR 60

Prices in EUR. Other Currencies on request: utypia@trodat.net !


Advantages and disadvantages of Registration Code

• All the order dates are saved to the single users‘ name
• No user sees the orders of the other users
• Same buying conditions for all users
• No need to preregister every single user
• One registration code for the whole company
• Access to company specific templates

Disadvantages compared to an e-procurement Integration:
• no electronic Data-Exchange
• Order Approval only in combination with addon Module "Order Approval"
• User need to register and login – no Single sign on

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